Treat yourself to a delicious dark roast that delivers powerful antioxidants and essential nutrients to start your day.

Our coffee has ingredients that can help with:

  • They may help provide more natural energy.
  • It may provide anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects*.
  • It may help you with greater mental clarity*.
  • It may help enhance your memory*.
  • It may reduce oxidative stress*
  • it may help increase alertness focus and concentration*.
  • It may elevate a positive mood*.

Ingredients: Bacillus coagulants (Probiotics, Inulin fiber), Ginseng, Ganoderma, Fulvic Acid.

Flavors: Black dark toast & Vanilla.



Fulvic acid aid the body by spreading through the system and correcting imbalances, metabolizing nutrients into its own structure, restoring proper function to vital processes, and recharging the electrical potential of cells. Fulvic acid do most of their work inside the cells making the cell maim membranes more permeable. The benefit is that a higher amount of nutrients can be transported directly into the depths of the cells. Fulvic acid also aids the body in building a strong immune system. These minerals attach to any foreign agent or toxin and transform it into use a substance or remove it from the body.

Instant dark roast coffee, bacillus coagulants (probiotics), Inuline fiber, ginseng extract, ganoderma mushroom extract, fulvic acid.


It may help increase alertness and focus, energy levels, digestion, anti-inflamatory, improve your overall being and detox.


HOLA MI NOMBRE ES Christina Elizondo
Yo sufría mucho de la migraña y problemas menstruales. Desde que empeze a tomar el Café vitality ya no tengo migraña y mi ciclo menstrual se a normalizado.