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Four Percent Mindset: The Awareness and Willpower aligned, a virtue and a gift that only 4% of the population decides to exercise, embrace and live.


BOLD The Four Percent mindset is the number #1
indicator and predictor of Success in all walks of life

What is the BOLD THING that differentiates the successful candidates from those who drop out of Harvard?
  1. Intellectual Ability
  2. Physical Ability
  3. Combination of Intellectual and Physical Ability
  4. Boldness
If you answered 4. Boldness, you are right.
What KIND of Astronauts did NASA pick for the Lunar Mission?
  1. Those who had great history of success
  2. Those who had significant failures and bounced back from them
The answer is 2. They wanted someone who could handle the most difficult situation and not break down.
What is the most important THING for a soccer player to have?

“Four Percent Mentality”

Mia Hamm, 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist & FIFA World Champion.

What is the greatest ingredient of success in all walks of life?


Some Examples of Four Percent Mindset:

Performing at your very best when everything is on the line
Going after your biggest goals and not shying away from them
Sustaining that winning feeling in the most difficult situations
Mastering the inner critic

Winning even after you’ve been counted out
Constantly moving forward in face of extreme challenges of life
Growing stronger in the face of stress and adversity
Getting yourself to take action even though you might be gripped with fear


So, How do we build a Four Percent Toolset.

Most books/people talk about the importance of Mental Toughness, Persistence, Grit etc in order to succeed but they do not provide specifics as to how to develop these skills. This course will provide you a complete toolset to build Four Percent Mentality.

52 Greatest BOLDNESS Books Summarized

All the ideas come from the greatest books written on the topic of building mental strength. By the end of this course, you will have absorbed 52 great books and taken action on them. + 3 more bonus especial books.

Covering the Entire Landscape of BOLDNESS Mentality

Not biased towards any school of thought, we cover the entire landscape of mental toughness to bring you the best of Eastern Philosophy, Western Research and everything in between. From Zen Philosophy to Stoic Thinkers and from Martial Artists to Research Scientists …. we cover the whole gamut.
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